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When This Pet Saw Her Rescuers, She Sobbed For A Moment. Watch How Touching It Was!

Animal Aid Unlimited happens to be a leading animal rescue center within India. So far, they have been able to rescue a number of animals from different kinds of sticky conditions.

They have saved those whose heads have been trapped by fences, those that have fallen into wells and many others.

Most pet owners fear that their pets can get loose and land in trouble. The fact that there are people out there who run shelters such as Animal Aid unlimited gives them a bit of comfort. Through their dedication, most families have been able to reunite with their missing pets.

It was like any other day when a person called Animal Aid Unlimited informing them of a dog that had fallen into a well. They responded immediately since they knew wasting time was not an option.

Since the place was full of garbage and debris, it was difficult spotting the pup though her cries could be heard. The team had to use a harness to get into the well. That is when they met the loving and sweet pup.

You need to watch the clip below to see how grateful and happy the pup was after the rescue. It is moments like these that inspire rescuers to keep on doing the good work.

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