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Peter the Elephant Joins in Playing the Piano and It Is a Joy to See!

Elephants are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. This video clearly showcases the amazing inquisitiveness and intelligence of Peter the Elephant. When the man begins playing 12 Bar Blues on the piano, Peter steps in and adds a little of his own talent to the performance. He chimes right in at the right moments and adds a joyful spin to the performance. This video will have you smiling ear to ear!

If you love piano music and elephants, this is a video you will not want to miss! The sweet Peter the Elephant will quickly win your heart as you watch him play his big heart out on the piano. This is such a delightful video and one that you will want to watch over and over. Each little note he plays seems to bring him so much joy. What is so amazing, is he decided to begin playing of his own accord. Check out this adorable video and then Please SHARE on Facebook.

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