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The Phone Conversation Between Dog and Owner Will Leave You in Stitches. HAHA!

Pets are part of our families. Owners treat pets like their children. The bond between the owners and the flurry animals is undeniable.

In the footage below, one Airedale pup shares a special bond with its owners. The pup named Stanley is at home with dad.
The dog misses his momma. Dad dials mom’s number as anxious Stanley waits. Stanley stands by the phone as it rings.

When Stanley gets the chance to talk to his mom, his reaction is PRICELESS. Well, the little canine knows how to carry a conversation. We hope mom understands dog language. You have probably seen people who continuously talk on the phone, but Stanley is on another level.

The excited dog answers all questions asked with a lot of enthusiasm. Stanley’s non-stop conversation even leaves his parents in stitches. The conversation ends when dad tells him to say his goodbyes.

Watch the hilarious footage and let us know what you think. Do you love the dog’s enthusiasm?

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