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Are You Planning To Have A Cockatoo As A Pet? Watch This Video Before You Do!!

I have heard many people mention that they might adopt a cockatoo as a pet. They believe they are easy to take care of because you do not have to clean them or deal with shedding. It’s a social bird and needs human company than most pets do, a cockatoo will want more.

A cockatoo will not feel well taken care of until it sits and start to play. You must joke with it.. Yes, you have to find ways to keep it entertained. It’s the only way that you will be able to bond with it. You have to speak to it as you would to a little child who is able to understand simple speech.

In the video below, the man is doing exactly that. He is giving the cockatoo a moment of its life. He cracks one joke after another that leaves the cockatoo laughing hysterically.

Take a moment and watch as he does it like an expert, he obviously enjoys every bit of it himself. Please SHARE it with your family and friends on Facebook!


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