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One baby elephant found herself in trouble but her stamina and unrelenting determination saved her life.

If you saw a lone baby elephant surrounded by a pride of 14 voracious lions, you’d probably think it’s game over for the little pachyderm. But this little guy is showing us that a bit of tenacity and a lot of courage can go a long way.

The lone elephant was surrounded by a pack of 14 hungry lions who thought they had their next meal. The shock was on them as they had picked the wrong prey!

The elephant strayed away from the herd when the lions surrounded her.

Some of the lions jumped on her. Others even nipped at her but she did not give up. The young elephant’s life was at stake but she fought back. The lions followed her into the water. Besides fighting back to save her life, she even runs after them.

She charges after them causing the 14 hungry lions to scamper to safety. And she wins.

Watch the young elephant and the attacking lions in action. You cannot help but cheer elephant on as she runs after the 14 lions.

What did you think of the brave elephant that scared away 14 lions and won? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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