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What This Police Dog Did In 20 Seconds Will Leave You Shocked!

Dogs are known to be smart creatures. And when they happen to be police dogs, you know for sure they will be among the best in their abilities. In this video, this K-9 does an amazing stint when the police officer gives the command.

It swiftly opens the door and get in its seat, fast and swiftly. Oh, it locks the door as well! Dogs have been with humans since the earliest civilizations emerged. One of the strongest traits that make them wonderful companions is their obedience. A dog will obey each and every command you give it, as long as it deems it not to put it at risk.

However, if you are in danger, it will not leave your side, it will bark for help if it has to. It will go and get help if you had already trained it to get help! Once it finds someone familiar, it will make sure it brings him/her to where you are to help you out, like say you are trapped in your own house after an accident.

Some dogs have been trained to judge when someone is about to have an epileptic attack. When they notice you are about to have one, they will bark as a warning, this gives you the victim a chance to get somewhere safe, and avoid injuring yourself when the attack happens. Watch the rare moment of brilliance below and SHARE!


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