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Police Officer Helps A Frightened Toddler Find His Parents

With the police often getting a bad rap as of late, it is refreshing to hear aboutOfficer David Taylor and his heroic efforts that saved a lost toddler and helped him find his mommy and daddy. The officer was on duty at the famous Lousiana Rice Festival when he saw a small toddler who was visibly afraid. When he discovered the little boy was lost, he scooped him up just like any father would.

At first, the officer carried the little boy on his shoulders, in the hopes he would be able to spot his parents more easily. At one point in the search, the little one began getting sleepy and the officer gently cradled him on his shoulder and continued the search.

News aboutOfficer David Taylor’s heroic deeds have set the Internet on fire but he says he was simply doing his job and does not need any special recognition. This story has shed light on what most police officers do on a daily basis – protect lives.

It took over thirty minutes for the officer to be able to find the little boy’s parents and reunite them with their son. This amazing officer just smiles when called a hero. Although he may not consider himself to be one, the little boy and his parents certainly know he saved the day.

See what Officer Taylor had to say about the incident along with the heartwarming down..

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Officer Taylor had been with the Crowley Police Department in Louisiana for 18 months when he was photographed helping a lost young boy.

The officer received a ton of praise for his actions, but he insists he was simply doing his job.

“What I was doing is nothing different from the rest of our law enforcement colleagues. The only difference is that someone took a photo of me,” Officer Taylor told

“He was extremely upset…I put him on my shoulders to see if he would be able to see his parents,” he said. “He started to fall asleep, and I moved him down to my chest.”


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“If it shines a true light on what police officers do and can do, then [this attention] is a good thing,” he added.

In a time when cops often make negative headlines, it’s heartwarming to see one like this.

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