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Poor Dog Was Kicked Until Her Jaw Broke.. Now Watch Her After The Surgery.. This Made Me Smile All Day!

A good Samaritan brought in this little dog to get help. The poor dog seemed to be unable to close its mouth and was in a lot of pain. It had been wandering the streets for two weeks, struggling to survive. Upon closer inspection from the vets, along with x-rays it looks as if Mara was suffering from a broken jaw that looked to be the result of blunt force trauma. Someone had kicked or hit this dog with enough force to break its jaw, and then left it to die.

Mara didn’t die though, she struggled but survived until she was rescued. Once that happened they could put her through surgery and get her the care that she needs. She is still looking for a forever home but in the meantime, she is recovering nicely.

She is surrounded by people that are caring for her and it has not only calmed her down, but put her in great spirits as well. She is happy and friendly and will be even more happy when her jaw is working well again. It’s animals like this that make the lives of shelter workers worth putting in their time for. Donate to a shelter near you, or adopt a dog today to take them out of the shelter.

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