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Prairie Dog Meets German Shepherd For The First Time, Their Reactions? I’ve Never Seen Something Like THIS Before

A family in Fort Worth, Texas have two amazing animals in their home. One is a large Alsatian dog named Banksy and the other is a tiny little prairie dog named Prince. To see the difference in their sizes of one animal to the other you would never imagine that they could be friends, but the big dog treats the little rodent very gently.

Yes, prairie dogs are not part of the canine family, they were named by settlers who drove across the plains as dogs because the noises that they make sounds a little like a dog. Together these two are inseparable and love to run and play.

They even snuggle together in bed which looks so cute that it’s beyond words. How fortunate these two friends are that they both have such a loving home. It just goes to show that many unlikely friendships can be formed in the animal kingdom when they are pets together in a happy environment.

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