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The Premiere Of “A Dog’s Purpose” Has Been Suspended, And The Reason Why Will Shock You!

The film, “A Dog’s Purpose” was a set to be a huge hit for Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. However, it appears that we won’t be witnessing its premiere event soon as earlier expected. Why? The reason is a shocker!

A video has popped up and thrown the production of this film into utter chaos. This follows allegations of animal abuse on the part of Amblin Entertainment during the filming of some of the stunts included in the production. Universal Pictures has distanced itself from this and both entities have reached an agreement to cancel the planned premiere and press junket pending full investigation into the unfortunate incident.


The video shows a dog, a German Shepherd called Hercules, being forced to perform a water stunt during the filming. No word has been put out yet concerning the rescheduling of the film’s premiere event at any later date after the suspension.

Watch the video here and be the judge. What do you think about this?

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