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Principal allows strangers to spend the night in the gym, doesn’t recognize school next morning

John F.Miller School in Las Vegas appears like any normal public school. However, the school hosts students aged 3-22 who are severely disabled. Some of them cannot walk or speak a single word. Some of the students in the school will never live to see their graduation day. Others will never enjoy prom or get married.

Sadly, the school has no extra funding or a student council. All they have is rising medical costs and exhausted parents. Therefore, this year’s graduation party would be lackluster since the school principal did not want to ask for money from the parents.

Five seniors with disabilities were graduating. The FOX5 Surprise Squad had a surprise for the seniors. They decided to give the school a makeover. It was something the students would remember as they marked an important milestone in their life.

 The team together with other well-wishers transformed the school gym, offered snacks, and entertained the graduating students.  Well, that was not only surprise they had for the school and the  video below has everything you need to know.

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