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Probably the most beautiful duet I’ve ever heard. WOW!!

Singing is always amazing to the one who sings, but when the song is amazing, we all love it. That is what happens when two talented singers decided to team up and do a wonderful and amazing song together. Their live performance was totally magical and it left everybody who attended the live performance feeling thrilled.

The two singers, Pink and Sarah McLachlan combined their voices to complement each other and create this amazing piece of music. Their famous song is titled,” In the Arms Of an Angel.” It managed to stay in the top 100 songs for 29 straight weeks. That is an amazing feat for anyone who is looking for success in their music career.

Sarah is an excellent pianist as well as guitarist. The first time that Sarah became famous is when she released the multiplatinum son title “Surfacing” back in 1997. Pink’s real name is Alecia Moore is well known for her acrobatic performance. She also has her wonderful vocal range that allows her to project the most amazing voice when singing. Pink became famous after performing “Lady Marmalade” along with other three artists: Lil’ Kim, Mya, and Christina Aguilera, back in 2001.

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