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PTSD service dog walks into prison, has priceless reaction when he sees THIS inmate

Dogs have been our best friends since time immemorial. Humans use these creatures in many ways, from military, legal and even therapy. Of late, therapy dogs have become very popular. Well, Pax is already making a name for himself!

When army veteran Bill Campell returned from Iraq, he adopted a dog. He adopted Pax. One day, Bill decided to take Pax out on a trip, and you won’t believe what happened!

Turns out, Pax was trained in a women’s correctional facility, and Bill wanted him to go meet his trainer again, so he took Pax to the prison. From the look of it, the dog knows exactly what’s going on. He grew up and had his training in this place, so it doesn’t take him a lot of effort to realize that he’s at the prison. Needless to say, the canine is already excited. Now watch out for that great moment when the dog gets to re-unite with his trainer. It’s epic!

Watch and feel the warmth of love. It’s even nostalgic. It makes you want to drop a comment and SHARE this clip on Facebook now!

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