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A Puppy Got Covered With Tar, See How It Looked Like After Cleaning

Just as tar is important in the renovation of roads, it is also bad and has its disadvantages. At a road repair in India, a three months old puppy gets stuck on a layer of tar and finds it difficult to move or do anything. If you look at the stray animal, it is covered with tar all over its body with the head as the only remaining part and the one that makes it visible.

The puppy soon finds a solution to his hopeless situation when the Animal Aid Unlimited comes and offers to help it. The rescue team that takes the animal in gives it water first. It uses vegetable oil to remove the tar from all over his body. Animal Aid Unlimited rescue team will then use soap and water to clean the puppy. The rescue team repeats the process until the puppy is spotless.

It is an incredible video to watch as the puppy is finally cleaned and looks as before. It then starts to play with one of the rescue team members. Don’t you think it’s incredible to see animals rescued? Kindly watch this exclusive video on rescuing animals and SHARE with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.


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