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Pups Learn A Herding Lesson From Ducklings. This Is Cute!

Ask anyone in Australia, and they’ll tell you some nice stories about how well their dogs can herd their animals. Well, you now get a golden chance to watch it. It’s about to get so interesting around here!

In this clip, you see some lovely ducklings, and then you see some puppies heading over to them to start their herding career in style. Now, for these little pups to learn the job well, the first thing they need to be taught about is how to watch over the herd. But these little ones have no clue about all that at first, until mom comes over and starts a lecture. Awesome!

See how mom introduces them into the game and how fast they get to adapt to the rules. From the look of it, you’ve every reason to believe that these pups are going to be best herders in the neighborhood. I’m impressed!

So go ahead and check out this full clip and watch the whole scene. You’ll love it, and you’re going to want to SHARE it on Facebook so your buddies can have a look too. Do just that!


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