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A Quick and Very Easy Method For Folding Socks in a Way That Will Be Easy to Pack and to Store

Oddly enough, many people are in a situation in which they have a difficult time with folding socks. Lots of people fold socks or put away socks in a tube shape that is going to cause the elastic to wear out, or which is going to make a given sock pair difficult to pack. In this video, people will see a method for putting away socks that will help the socks last longer and which will make the socks that much easier to store in a given suitcase.

The method is demonstrated very quickly. It is also demonstrated in a purely visual fashion. People will be able to absorb all of the steps quickly and easily. They’ll end up with folded socks that look like wallets, and which will be easy to store. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since everyone wears socks and everyone could benefit from videos like this.


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