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She refused to get rid of her pregnancy. 19 years later, she’s such a wonderful mom

About 20 years ago, Dorothy Hohl had a boyfriend, and the two were so much into each other. However, that changed when she fell pregnant and the doctors found out something disturbing. Dorothy was born with the brittle bone condition that made her bones weak and very prone to fractures and breakage. The doctors told her that she ran the risk of passing on the condition to her unborn child.

Her boyfriend wanted her to get rid of the pregnancy, but Dorothy wouldn’t bulge to such pressure,even if it meant enduring shunning and humiliation by her own family. She still kept her pregnancy and gave birth to cute little princess. She named her Savannah. Nice!

Savannah was born with the same condition as her mom, but that has never stood in her way to happiness. She and her mom live the happiest life they can imagine. You’ve to see this to believe it. Watch and SHARE!

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