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Rescued Pit Bull and Vet Celebrate Their First Year Anniversary In Style. SO Cute!

We have heard of numerous rescue stories. However, sometimes we do not get to see the lives of the pets that are rescued years or months later. Remember Gracyie Claire; the dog saved by the Internet? Does the name Dr. Andy Mathias ring a bell?

Gracie, a pit bull, was rescued on 13th February 2016. The timid canine was scared and did not touch a single morsel of her food.  Dr. Mathis sat with the dog in her tiny cage as he munched his meal away. The scared canine came out of her corner and ate all the food in her bowl.


The video went viral for the right reasons. Do you wonder what happened to the rescued dog and the kind vet one year later?


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13th February 2017 marked Graycie’s first anniversary since her rescue. Dr. Mathis adopted the dog, and the duo is inseparable. On Valentine’s Day eve, the duo shared a dinner to celebrate the big dog. Dr. Mathis was dressed in a suit, and Gracycie wore her collar. They shared meatballs, and Gracyie enjoyed some dog treats. Other dogs got their share of treats and meatballs too.

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