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Russian Sailors Save A Dog Stranded In The Frozen Ocean. Watch!

Have you ever come across your pet trapped in some very dangerous situation and you wonder just how they got themselves in such a mess in the first place? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll feel when you see this dog in the video. This is unbelievable!

So these Russian sailors are going about their business in the sea when they happen to spot something floating near the sip. It’s a dog, a very cute dog stranded in the middle of the sea. The canine was smart enough to have jumped on a piece of floating iceberg on which it was now standing. Well, fate happened to smile upon the canine, and the sailors showed up in time to save him. The rescue plan? You want to see this!

Although the rescue method was a little crazy, the sailors finally managed to save the dog and bring him on board and to safety. It’s just so nice to see people going out of their way to save an innocent soul. Who knows how the dog even got himself in this situation? It’s mind-boggling! Watch this and SHARE now!


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