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Do You Say A Prayer Prayer Before Eating? This Cute Dog Does!

There are things you would not expect animals to do. Have you ever seen a praying dog?

In the video below, the little canine prays before eating her meal. Aww! The owner has taught her the art of praying. I bet many of you do not pray for your meals.

The little dog has a special posture when praying. The dog stands on her hind legs and brings her paws together. The owner joins in, and they pray for the homeless and hungry puppies. I wonder if the say the “The Lord’s Prayer.”

The dog is well mannered than some people. I wonder what kind of prayer the little fellow murmurs.

Watch the video, and a smile will sweep across your face. Honey, the dog, appreciates her blessings. She is one of the cutest dogs you will ever see. It takes a lot of patience to train a dog to stay calm at the sight of food. It takes greater patience to teach a dog to pray before taking a meal.

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