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The Scientific Way To Cut A Cake

In this video, we are shown the scientific way to cut a cake, to ensure it will stay fresh for days to come. When most of us cut a cake, we cut it in those little triangle shapes. Once you cut out a triangle slice, the inside of the cake becomes exposed and won’t be as fresh as the rest of the cake.

There is a simple solution to this and all it takes is cutting the cake differently. Instead of cutting a triangular slice, slice the cake straight down the middle and cut the chunk to your desired size.

After you have cut your slice, slide both halves of the cake that are left together, to create an illusion of a whole cake again. This will keep the cake fresh because none of the inside is exposed. You can put an elastic band around the cake to further help it stay together.

The next day, you can repeat the same process if you want another slice of cake. This time turn the cake and cut across the line from the day before. When you have your desired slice, slide what’s left together and secure with a band. Each day you can repeat this, to ensure the cake stays fresh, until the whole cake is gone.


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