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Secretly Father Creates Memorial For His Son, 12 Years Later Finds Note From Billionaire

As a parent, losing a child is the hardest thing ever to experience. So when Raymond Olson lost his son, who was also named Raymond, he was devastated. To honor his son, Raymond would travel under the cover of darkness to tend to a gorgeous memorial.


The years passed and Raymond’s identity remained a mystery. He didn’t want anyone to know he was responsible for the elaborate memorial. But when the Chevron gas station (the property on which the memorial was located) was scheduled to get a makeover, the company’s owners reached out to Raymond.

Instead of tearing down Raymond’s memorial, they offered him something amazing. The man behind the big surprise, Cesar Zepeda, president of the neighborhood council, told NBC how important it was to honor Raymond Jr. He said, “Knowing that you’ve given life and hope to a father…. and knowing that you make somebody’s life better, it’s an amazing, amazing feeling to have.” Now Raymond has a special place to reflect on his son’s life, and it’s all thanks to the kind folks at Chevron! Take a peek at the heartwarming video below to see exactly what they did for Raymond!

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