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See Where Retired Racehorses Go When Their Careers Are Over

The man in this video has worked to make sure retired horses are not sent to slaughterhouses after their racing careers are over. When he learned a beloved racehorse had been killed in China, he vowed to make a difference by opening a retirement home for horses. The home is called Old Friends and it allows these horses to spend the rest of their lives in true comfort, just being horses and enjoying life.

You will be in awe as you realize the work this man is doing to make a difference in the lives of these horses that have brought the world so much joy. It is so wonderful to see them walking through the pastures and enjoying every moment of life! These horses are now living the life of luxury they deserve. In this video, you will also see the memorial graves of the horses that have gone on to the big pasture in the sky. What a wonderful place for retired racehorses to go!

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