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She Thought She Was Saving A Single Dog, Unsuspectingly She Saved A Lot More!

Gemma is a white German shepherd who was abandoned by her family. The dog was suffering from severe demodectic mange, so severe that 70% of its body got infected. Even though her condition was treatable, her owners decided to just drop her at a shelter and abandon her, instead of taking her to the vet.

As she was suffering in pain, agony and loneliness, her savior came in form of Jolene, from St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary in California, where Gemma was left, came to her rescue. Jolene started to care for the dog by giving it two or three baths a day. This led to a strong bond and Jolene had to ask her husband to let her bring Gemma home. He agreed.

As she healed, Jolene noted she had a bulge on the side of her body, which prompted her to take her to the vet for an ultra scan. That is when they found out she was pregnant and they couldn’t believe she was in that condition without them knowing.

What happened next is a moment you will love to watch. Please watch and SHARE with your friends on Facebook!


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