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Shoppers notice an extra-slow checkout line at grocery store. Left speechless when they read the sign on it


I think no one likes waiting in line in a supermarket especially when it’s really busy, you get impatient and frustrated and sometimes you blame the innocent cashier for being so slow or the customer in front of you when he requires a price check.

and what gets you more irritated is when you actually have only a few items to buy or you’re in hurry. However, what if you are the person who makes other customers wait, you will feel uneasy about it.

One grocery store came up with brilliant solution for this kind of customers who need extra time when paying for their groceries. Its customers took notice to a particularly slow lane – there was a sign near the register that explained it all…

The supermarket located in Scotland made a special checkout line where these customers can take their time and won’t feel rushed especially those with Dementia. They understand that running errands for person with Dementia can become super-stressful and the person starts to feel like a little too much. So they decided to make things easier for them. What a thoughtful idea!

People who lose their memory get nervous when they can’t remember where they put their credit card or bills while customers in the back seem they can wait no longer anymore.

The line is dedicated too to those with autism, social anxiety, and even parents shopping with their little children.

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