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Sneaky Kitten Has A Blast Playing With Puppy

They say cats and dogs cannot get along, but this video may just prove them wrong! Here, you will see a playful kitten and pup playing together and having the greatest of fun. You will love seeing the kitten jump off the bed and then hide as it sneaks up on the pup and pounces in attack. These two are full of so much energy, it is sure to make you smile!

This is truly an adorable video and shows how much these two love each other, even though they are supposed to be mortal enemies. As they play together on the bed, it is clear they are all about having fun and do not mind they are not alike. Even though they appear to be fighting, it is all fun and games, at least for now, while they are still little. Check out this adorable pair and feel free to share with your friends so they can enjoy the video.

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