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Soldier Gets To Re-Unite With His Lovely Wartime Canine Friend. I’m Tearing Up!

While serving in the US Army in Afghanistan, people were jealous of Vance McFarland for one simple reason: The Army Specialist had a dog!

Vance worked with Ikar the dog to identify and neutralize dangers. Granted, the dog was very resourceful, and Vance had some good love for him. However, this “little” thing of theirs wasn’t going to last forever. They got sent stateside and separated.

Ikar was locked up for 17 whole months, until the people decided to do something for him, and what better than to re-unite him with his wartime best friend? Well, they called Vance!

In the clip, you get to take a good, exciting look at that special moment when the two friends finally re-united with other. Vance had feared the dog might have forgotten him after all the time they had spent apart. Turns out, he was so wrong!

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I just love this. Watch and love it too. You might end up using a few tissues. It’s that emotional. This will make you hit that SHARE button right away.  You can also drop us a comment in the comments section. Great!

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