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Deployed soldier mails his shirt home dog smell it

Rachel and JD Aument are both dog lovers who love sharing their home with their four-legged best friends. 

So, when they stumbled upon a lovely dog named Brindle at one of the local shelters they just knew he belonged with them. The thing was that they already had a dog named Xavier that was very attached to his human mommy. So, somehow, it came very natural that JD became Brindle’s favorite person. 

Brindle loved his new home and his new surrounding and no matter how much he loved Rachel, he loved JD a bit more. 

The sweet dog made sure he followed his daddy every step of the way, so it didn’t some as a surprise that Brindle’s mood changed and he became very depressed when JD was deployed overseas. 

As he was looking at JD getting his stuff ready for the trip that would last long months, Brindle could sense he would be left without his person. This affected him a great deal. He wasn’t in the mood for playing, running around, or even going for walks. All he did was just sitting at one corner and longing for his human best friend. 

Rachel believed that the dog would be fine after some time, but things only got worse with each passing day. 

Brindle even refused to eat as he felt very lonely and betrayed. The poor animal didn’t know that his owner never stopped loving him and that he would be back home after his service is done. 

Speaking of Brindle’s condition, Rachel said, “So sad without him here. He loves me, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not his person. He has days where he just sits at the front window, crying.”

JD was aware that his dog was suffering, but there was really not much that he could do. He phoned home frequently but his voice was different over the phone and Brindle wouldn’t recognize it was his friend who was calling. 

But then, JD came up with an amazing idea on how to cheer Brindle up. He took one of his smelly shirts and mailed it back home. He hoped Brindle would recognize his smell and that way knew JD didn’t abandon him. 

And he was right. The moment Rachel placed the shirt on the floor, Brindle got closer and started sniffing it. The dog’s crying turned into excitement in an instant. He just couldn’t stop running around the shirt and rubbing his face onto it. 

Xavier was as excited as Brindle, but Brindle wouldn’t let him anywhere near his shirt. 

Rachel says that seeing the dog being overly excited was a moment to remember. 

She took her phone out and filmed the whole thing. After she sent it to JD, he was moved to tears. 

A couple of months after he got the shirt, Brindle was able to see his friend in person and the reunion was a very touching one. Brindle now gets to spend as much time as he wants around JD until he is deployed again.

Take a look at the video of Brindle seeing his owner’s shirt below. 

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