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Spider-Man Cat Is Able To Climb Glass Doors With Ease!

The kitty in this video is proudly proving you do not have to be a human to have mad superhero skills! In this video, you will see him clinging to the outside glass door of his home. It almost looks as if he has suction cups attached to his paws because he is holding on with no trouble. When you see him scale the glass door, you will realize this kitty is Spider-Man!

What an adorable cat this little guy is. When he decided it was time to be let inside, he did not have to wait for his owner to open the door. Instead, he simply used his superpowers and climbed the door, making his way inside with ease. Cats are some of the most amazing creatures and they can complete feats you would think would be impossible for them. Enjoy this amazing feline superhero video and be sure to pass it on to your friends so they can watch too!

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