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She starts singing for her baby sister, now keep your eye on that infant. She had to cry

Nothing is more magical than getting a cute response from a little baby. What’s even more magical about what you’re about to witness here is that the baby is fast asleep. She must really love this – even in her dreamland!

The clip opens with this big sister holding her baby sister. She’s asleep, but that doesn’t stop the big sister from belting out a soothing tune for her lovely sibling. Well, if she thought her efforts would go unnoticed by the sleeping baby, she was wrong!

From the look of it, this baby can hear the tune. She loves it, and she wants to let her big sister know that she really appreciates this. But it’s how she does it that’s making this video go viral. Watch as she tries to “grab” the song into her own hands. She even tries to “see” it! And that smile!

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