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Contrabass Street Performer Plays “Autumn Leaves” Like a Boss!

When you see the level of talent this group has, you will be blown away! The contrabass player performs at a level that defies logic. When this group plays “Autumn Leaves” together, their street performance is taken to a whole new level. It is amazing to listen to these guys as they perform street side for passersby. Their level of talent means they need to be on the stage performing before a large audience!

They say the contrabass is not an easy instrument to learn to play. This young man seems to have no trouble at all hitting the perfect notes as he performs his tune. When the three join their instruments together, the sound is pure magic! Jun-Hyuk Choi is the contrabass performer from Korea. This song is so beautiful, it will inspire you to go out and seize the day! Enjoy this awesome performance and you may find yourself wanting to give it a listen again and again.

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