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Susan Boyle Performs for a Special Show At One of The Largest Churches In The World

When you hear Susan Boyle perform You Raise Me Up, you will be simply amazed! Her golden voice is what made her so famous and now she is sharing it with the world in this very beautiful video clip. As she stands in front of thousands of people, the crowd goes wild when she takes the stage. But this is not an ordinary concert. Susan is performing on Joel Osteen’s mega church show and she seems to love it!

Susan does a wonderful job while on the show and after she is finished singing, the crowd gives her lots of praise. You can just feel the love inside of this church and Susan is smiling very big after it is over with. It is simply amazing to watch this show and you too will probably want to share it with all of your friends and family members on Facebook. They will surely thank you if you do!


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