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Synchronized Swimmers Perform An Amazing Routine That Earns Them Gold!

Be prepared to witness the funniest routine clip ever!

These ladies did some Led Zeppelin plus a synchronized swimming, the outcome was being ultimate gold winners! They definitely changed the sport tradition.

Rome was the host of the 2009 World Aquatics Championships. Spain had 10 women who were synchronized swimmers that gave the spectacular performance which was way too wonderful.

The following clip shows how these 10 women do their routine with the help of Led Zeppelin’s hit song by the name of “Stairway to Heaven,” resulting to a gold medal win. These women may look like ordinary swimmers at the first sight, but when the song rises to its high note, they demonstrate how professional they are in the synchronized world. They further go on to show their flexibility, athletic ability and their balancing skills. What a moment to watch!

Due to much struggle in winning the gold in the past championship, Spain decided to come up with a tactic. Generally synchronized swimming doesn’t involve vocal music, a thing which the team decided to go ahead and employ it with the help of one of the renowned rock bands.

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