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Talking Of An Amazing Christmas Video, You Need To See This One From John Lewis

Christmas is fast approaching. Christmas is the time of giving and sharing with the less fortunate.

John Lewis has created a special feature for this Christmas. Turn on the volume and let the video play.

In the video, we see a little girl jumping up and down on her bed. Her mother walks into the room and tells her to sleep. Mother kisses daughter goodnight, tucks her in, switches off the light and stands by the bedroom window.

The mother sees her husband creating a shelter outside. The man almost hurts his finger in the process. The man leaves an opening on the temporary shelter.

We see several animals including squirrel makings its way to the shelter. The animals jump up and down, just like the little girl. Mom and Dad are watching as the snow pours. The family dog watches the jumping animals. From the look on the dog’s face, envy is written all over.

At the crack of dawn, the daughter rushes downstairs, all the way to the shelter. The family dog runs past the little girl and goes straight to the shelter. The dog jumps up and down. Happiness is written all over the dog’s face. The family cannot understand why the dog is excited. Probably, because it is Christmas.

It is the best Christmas advert you will watch. SHARE the clip with others on Facebook.


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