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Babysitting Dog Never Had to Be Taught How to Love Baby

Have you ever spotted your pet doing something so surprising and you know you’ve never even taught them anything about it? Well, that must have been the reaction of this family when they found out that their pet knew stuff about sibling relationships. Awesome!

While some families decide to get rid of their pets when they get a baby, this one didn’t. Some people will fear that the pet might harm the newborn, but they fail to realize that these pets are smart enough to discern the good from bad. Charlie will prove this to you!

Charlie is a dog, and he loves his family. When they got a baby, they didn’t dump him, and that’s because he’s a cool creature who loves everyone.

In fact, when he noticed the baby, he worked to befriend the little human and share the parents’ love. In the video, you see him making great progress on this front, and you’ll love him for that. He’s smart!
This is great, and you can’t ignore it.

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