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Teacher notices something unusual with the triplets, then the biggest surprise is unveiled

July 20, 2017 Stories


The Yeckes triplets joined Valley High School in Las Vegas. However, they did not pay much attention to school work, and they were defensive towards the teachers and authoritative figures. The triplets, Haley, Kassidy, and Sierra, had attendance issues, performed poorly, and kept to themselves.

The school noticed something was amiss with the triplets. The school authority addressed the issue and introduced the three girls to the GEAR UP Program.

The program offered extra support and care to the girls. Over time, their grades and class attendance improved. Also, the girls opened up and shared their horrific story.

The mother of the triplets died when they were three months old. When the girls joined 6th grade, their father was sent to jail. The girls moved to their grandmother’s house. Grandmother did not believe in schooling, and the girls went back to school when they were eight.

The triplet’s father got out of jail and moved in with the girls. However, he left the girls to fend for themselves. The girls later moved in with their grandparents who neglected them.

Thanks to the program, the girls improved and bound to join college. Unknown to them, a bunch of strangers had a surprise for them.

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