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Teen Gets Rejected During Homecoming Dance. When His New Date Comes, Mom Cannot Stop Crying

Daniel Rivas is a 17-year-old with Downsyndrome. Daniel asked a girl out for the homecoming party, but his offer was rejected. Fortunately, his bad luck brought a lot of fortunes.

Kylie Fronius, Daniel’sfriend, was crushed when she got wind of the story. Kylie offered to accompany Daniel to the dance.  Kylie’s act of kindness reached the Fox5 Surprise Squad, and they went out of their way to make the day special for the two.

The Surprise Squad joined the two as they were preparing to leave. The two thought  itwas the usual interview session. Unknown to them, the team had a bag of goodies for them.

For starters, the two arrived in style in a Rolls-Royce and had dinner at a high-end restaurant. Well, that was just the beginning.Watch to find out what followed.

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