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Teen Steps Out in Prom Dress, But when Grandma Realizes where it Comes from, She Loses it

Grandma Dottie gave her granddaughter the prom dress she wore in 1950. Grandma did not give much thought to the cream-colored prom dress after that. She assumed her granddaughter would play dress up with it. Unknown to Grandma, Cassie kept it in her closet and would wear it at the right time.

Years passed by and Dottie forgot about the prom dress. Cassie, now a teen, decided to wear the cream-colored prom dress on the night of her graduation day. The teenager fell in love with the vintage clothing, taking after her grandma.

Cassie informed the rest of the family about her surprise apart from Grandma Dottie. During the graduation ceremony, Grandma kept asking about what dress Cassie will wear. They all told her the dress was at Cassie’s friend home.

Moments later, Cassie walked out wearing the prom dress Dottie had given her when she was a little girl. As expected, Grandma could not contain her emotions anymore. It was a pleasant surprise that led to an emotional moment.

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