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Teens shovel neighbor’s driveway at 4:30am so she could make it to her dialysis

Five high school seniors set out at the break of day to scoop snow from a New Jersey lady’s carport so she could make it to her lifesaving dialysis treatment on Monday.

On Sunday night, up to eight creeps of snow was in the estimate for the next morning, which was risky news for Natalie Blair, who had a dialysis arrangement she was unable to miss, Her neighbor, Brian Lanigan, was generally the individual to shovel Blair’s driveway, yet he was expected busy working as an EMT when a storm was expected to begin

So Lanigan turned to his little brother, Patrick, for a really big favor: shovel Blair’s driveway before the sun rises and clear a safe path for her to get out the door. The teen put out feelers for reinforcements, and his friends and fellow Parsippany High School classmates Justin, Chris, Tyler and Amon responded to the call. The five boys bundled up and proceeded to head over to Blair’s house at 4:30 a.m.

The story is really fascinating. Natalie Blair, a neighbour of these two brothers, has problems with her kidneys and she has to do dialysis on a regular basis. However, the winter snowstorm set some problems in the schedule. She wasn’t able to get out of the house. Luckily, she had those two great young neighbours. They jumped into action.

Brian is the older brother in the family. He is part of the EMT and so far in many cases he has been more than helpful to Natalie. This winter, when he was not working, he also helped her with her driveway and shovelled the snow that blocked the access of the house.

After he had cleared out the show from the driveway, Brian thought he is done with neighbour for a while. He was wrong. The night when he was doing the night shift, a terrible snow storm was coming to the town. The driveway again was blocked and Natalie wasn’t able to go to hospital. Fortunately, Brian’s brother stepped up.

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