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Thandi: The African Rhino Who Survived a Brutal Poaching and Lived to Give Birth

Thandi is a walking miracle who truly should not be here. In 2012, she and two male rhinos were viciously attacked and poached, leaving them in a pool of blood. When found, one male had already died and rescuers were not sure they would be able to save the remaining male or Thandi. Unfortunately, after three weeks of care, the male fell victim to his brutal attack and took one last drink from the pool of water. The sheer sadness the rescuer felt after this death would break down the coldest of hearts!

Fortunately, Thandi was a survivor and was able to overcome her mortal wound and go on living. As rescuers continued to help her, she slowly recovered, touching lives all over the world. Three years after her attack, she successfully gave birth to her baby Rhino. This video is one that needs to be shared so more can be done to stop poaching so animals no longer have to suffer at the hands of humans!


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