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These ass wipes parked like sh*t and totally deserved what these people did to them

Most of us know people who park like this, and wish we could respond like this.
1 Asshole Parking

Great idea to keep chalk handy for when you encounter these types of parkers

#2 Diagonal Parking

You park crooked, I’ll park crooked right next to you.

#3 Boxed In

It would have been great to see a picture of the driver when they found their car like this.

#4 Don’t Reproduce

So hilarious and so true.

#5 Business Card

This person is ready for any person who parks badly, dropping their business card with a threat.

#6 Special Spot

This person is really going to feel special when they return to their car.

#7 Fire, Fire

Firemen take no mercy when it comes to you blocking their water supply.

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