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I Thought He Was Walking His Dogs.. But When I looked Closely, I’m Lost For Words!

What you’re about to watch in this video will leave you in awe, I have never seen someone walking  a pack of dogs without a leash like this guy did.. I’m astonished by the way he’s dealing with his dogs. Obviously, this took him a lot of training and trust to be able to share this kind of bond with his dogs..

The more I watch the video, the more I am amazed.. I was thinking, If it were me, my dogs would leave me in any second and something could have gone so wrong.. But you see, the things are not always what they seem to be…

Sure this video shows the man walking his dogs “Like a Boss” but one video doesn’t reveal the whole story. Many people were impressed by his ability to walk his dogs like this so they went to his breeding page, but what they found there is a lot different than what they thought. The man in the video, Augusto DeOliveira, owns Griffin Shepherd Kennels and he’s no stranger to controversy.

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Turns out, he is used to train his dog with abusive methods.. He’s been trying to clean up his image by removing such videos from his YouTube channel but the damage is done; they’re not something I’ll ever forget in my entire life. How can he treat such amazing creatures in such horrific way? So cruel!

What do you think? For me, no one should buy dogs to treat them like this, dogs are our best friends and they deserve all the love and care from us, not violence or torture.. So please don’t forget to SHARE this video with your friends and family to help stop this..


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