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The Three Cops Were On Patrol And When The Song Started Playing Over The Radio… So Hilarious!

We have previously shared with you moments in which the human nature of the police has been exposed. I hope you remember the Dover, DE police officer who did justice to Taylor Swift’s song by the title “Shake It Off.” They also know how to get funky when they are not in their line of duty.

Here, we meet another team of officers who have been recorded lip-synching. The Jerusalem post uploaded this video on Facebook and three Israeli police are captured while in the car. All was usual until the classic 1939 started playing. If you have watched a film by the name “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” which was released back in 1994 by Disney, they you’re familiar with this song.

Once the music begins playing, you may think this is a daily routine for the officers. The one at the front seat starts singing and the others begin dancing and swaying. Things go to another level when ridiculously high notes are hit by the driver and the one at the backs picks up the famous “Awimbawe.”

We can excuse the officers for taking a break from their line of duty and relaxing. We hope by doing so, they got the refreshment they were looking for!

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Source: Three Cops Are On Patrol When This Song Comes On The Radio. Their Reaction? Priceless! by rifmedia on Rumble

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