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Time For This Dog To Take Medicine Is Due, His Reaction Will Surely Crack Your Ribs!

If you have or you’ve ever had a pet, then you know just how a personal bond with eh animal means both to them and your life. Sometimes you get and come back looking forward to hug your pet again, and they’re always at the door to welcome you back. Now that’s really nice, but there’s something better than that!

You see, when you’ve a nice pet, you want them to learn and know as much as possible, so you start by teaching them the basic simple stuff step by step. Well, the guy in this video seems to have perfected this art, as you can see what happens when he tells his dog that it’s time to take his medicine. It’s so hilarious!

Now, Denver has an earring problem, and he needs to take his medicine regularly so keeps things on the brighter side. The scene you get to see here is just one of those medicine-taking moments. It’s so interesting!

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