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Toddler Told Dad THIS Over The Phone, The Message? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

There’s something about little kids that makes people want to stay around them. You see, a toddler can do or say something that could leave you in stitches. That’s especially when they’re learning to talk and they end up mouthing some “mangled up” words that leave you wondering what they’re trying to say. Well, you might want to know what Emelia and her dad talked about!

At just 16 months of age, Emelia is already in the mood to start running some nice conversations with people, so when her dad calls from work, this little lady has to come up with a cool topic to discuss with her great man. Now wait till that exchange starts!

This is so funny. Although she can’t talk properly, you can bet that she’s really trying to keep this going. She’s serious! Watch this and laugh and remember to SHARE with your Facebook friends!


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