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Tom Hanks and his daughter prepare for a beauty pageant.

If you have had a chance of watching “Green Mile” and “Forrest Gump,” then you know who Tom Hanks is. In the clip below, he decides to support Sophie, his “daughter” who is preparing for beauty pageant world. The funny moment below was taken from “Jimmy Kimmel” and it is something that will make you smile any day.

Hanks is that loving father that any daughter around the world will love to have. On the other hand, Sophie never disappoints in her role. She even reveals that she loves pageantry since it gives her a chance to win money and buy whatever she wants. It does not stop there; you have to wait until the day of the competition. There is a time when Hanks refers other competitors as “sweet, pretty losers.” You have to watch everything below and see how it ends.

Though Sophie is not his biological daughter, the two are the perfect match.

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