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Tom Hanks Gets Tearful After Seeing Daughter In A Beauty Pageant. Now Watch When She Turns Around!

Tom Hanks knows how to get his way whenever he is trying to win. He set out to prove this fact in 2011. His mission was to prove to viewers at a popular show that he is an awesome beauty pageant coach, not just the best thespian.

He does it not just as you would expect, but with a lot of comedy. You can’t help it but laugh all the way, till the finals.

He took two days to change an ordinary but beautiful girl from the usual life she knew, to a “competitive” beautiful model. The beautiful girl was none other than his six year old daughter.

Most fathers would be supportive of the children’s dreams, but Hanks, goes beyond that, he makes it happen.

Hanks changes the image the public is used to. He puts a gigantic wig on his daughter, and overdoes the makeup on her cute face. It all looks hilarious. But don’t frown why a dad would do that to his daughter’s honest dreams. It is all an act. The girl is an actor too.

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