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She Tried To Shove A Biker Into Traffic, And This Is What Happened To Her… Sweet Karma!

You’ll obviously agree that traffic rules are formulated for a good reason. Imagine a city where every driver is free to speed, overtake or use whichever lane appeals to them. To say it would be catastrophic is an understatement.

While most people are smart enough to flow traffic rules, some humans are just too reckless to even realize the dangers of flouting traffic rules. It’s because of these small minds that we’ve traffic officers ready to “fine” some sense into them.

Case in point in what’s covered in this viral video. This biker is a good guy obeying all the rules on the road, but the woman in the sedan doesn’t seem like a thinking human smart enough to let others pass. Instead of giving way for the biker to pass when it’s his time, she tries to push him off into oncoming traffic!

What do you know about karma? Well, karma can be instant! When the woman proved too nasty, the biker flagged down a police officer and had her fined twice!

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