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Turn Your Old Glass Jars Into Some Real Beauty With This Perfect Trick. Awesome!

If you happen to have some old glass jars around your house, you might have been wondering what to do with them. Sometimes you feel like just tossing them into the trash bag and moving on, but that doesn’t have to happen. You never knew just how those things can come in handy, especially if you happen to be a good fan of beautiful art. You want to learn this!

This videos features Klaire de Lys, and she’s in love with art. Claire is here to teach you how to turn those glass jars into some very attractive works of art. Water marbling has never been better! The idea here is to use the glass jars and some old paint to create objects of attraction. By the end of this, you’ll never believe just what this turns out into!

You just can’t skip this without watching this video. You definitely want to learn about this great art and how to do it at your home, so be cool and click play on the clip, watch and learn. If you find this as cool as we all did, then SHARE it with your buddies and also comment about it!


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