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Two elephant lifelong friends reunite after 22 years apart, but no one was prepared for their reaction

Most of us believe that true friendships can’t die, but have you ever come across any credible evidence to prove that?

In this video, something is happening, and it’s about two huge animals that just happened to set eyes on each other after decades of estrangement.

So Jenny and Shirley were “members” of the same circus many years back, and then Shirley became crippled and had to be isolated to live alone. That’s 20 years ago.

Now, in this video, you get to watch the two longtime friends as they go about their reunion after all that time. They really missed each other, and it’s evident. They miss the plays they acted together in the yester years, and they’re eager to re-enact that feeling once again. It’s just so awesome you’ll feel deep in you!

Watch this reunion as it unfolds and tell us what you think of these two animals. Do they prove anything to us? Drop your comment on the comment section and also SHARE the cool video with all your Facebook friends to spread this lovely story!

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